BlueChip Homes

Bluechip Homes LLC was founded by Clayton Sparks and Cameron Johnson in July of 2016. They both worked for a local family owned commercial and residential construction company for years before they decided to start their own company based on building science and fine craftsmanship.

Clayton and Cameron grew up together like brothers in Montgomery County and both went to Willis High School. They each went their separate ways after graduating. Clayton graduated with a physics degree from Southwestern University and a masters in Construction management from the University of Houston. Cameron grew up in construction, his father owned a homebuilding company and was constantly working on jobsites. Cameron went to Sam Houston State University and continued working in construction through college. He very quickly was promoted to the head of the residential division, where he met and worked with Ron Riley.  Also at this time Cameron and Clayton were reunited and began working together.

While building and designing homes together, the owner of the construction company encouraged them to start their own business to complete residential remodels that the owner wasn’t interested in. They became obsessed with building science and everything it really takes to build a quality home, and not just your everyday production Lego set. Cameron and Clayton named the company Bluechip because of the meaning of the word, “of the highest quality”. Their goal was to complete each and every job to the highest quality possible. In the year following, they began to discuss building homes under Bluechip brand and making it their fulltime job. And that’s exactly what they did. They built several beautiful homes in the year or so that followed and began creating a name for themselves. Everything was going seamlessly according to the plan, “with the highest quality”.

In early January of 2019, Clayton and Cameron went on their annual skiing trip with friends and family. On the last day of the trip Clayton had a terrible accident, resulting in the tragic loss of his life. This was truly a devastating loss for not only Cameron, Ron, and the family and friends of Clayton, but all mankind. Clayton embodied everything a person should be. From his numerous charitable acts to his charming smile, everyone that knew Clayton would agree that he was the most genuinely caring person they ever met, if not the best.

After taking some time to grieve, Cameron and Ron decided to keep marching Bluechip forward with the same principles and guidelines Clayton and Cameron had established. They are not only dedicated to the quality of the homes and relationships they build with their clients, but to honoring Clayton and keeping his dream alive. Since then, they have put a number of beautiful homes on the ground and are doing exactly what they dreamed of doing so long ago, building homes “of the highest quality”.